Matron Fine Beer and Bar Volo Release Allora Pale Ale

BLOOMFIELD, ON – Matron Fine Beer has announced the release of a new collaboration with Toronto’s Bar Volo.

Allora Pale Ale (5% abv):

Allora is a well balanced and smooth pale ale – a modern interpretation of the classic APAs that inspired us. A truly quaffable beer with a beautifully integrated bitterness, nuanced citrus and floral notes, with a very clean finish that leaves you going back for sip after sip. This beer is all about simplicity and quality ingredients resulting in an elegant drinking experience. Brewed to showcase Barn Owl malts, Pleasant Valley’s Cascade and Centennial hops, and inspired by the quintessential APAs of the west coast, hold the caramel malt though!

Allora is available now at Matron, Bar Volo, and Bottega Volo.

Source: Bar Volo
Photo: Matron Fine Beer

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