Bellwoods Brewery Releases Jelly Royale Mango Lassi

TORONTO, ON – Bellwoods Brewery has announced the release of the latest flavour of its Jelly Royale smoothie sour.

Jelly Royale Mango Lassi (5% abv):

If you were a proverbial fly on the wall of our giant fridge late last week, you would have perceived more yogurt than you would have ever seen in your short fly life. On a related note, if you had told us 10 years ago that one day we would be blending container after container of yogurt into a beer along with mango and cardamom, we would have said “Buzz off!”.

Time travelling back to the present, we’re releasing our third Smoothie Sour in as many weeks. This time it’s inspired by the one and only: Mango Lassi. Part sour beer, part mango-yogurt-cardamom concoction, this beverage is the perfect tropical accompaniment and cooling antidote to any heat wave and has shot to the top of our “Will It Popsicle?” list.

Jelly Royale Mango Lassi is available now at the Bellwoods retail stores and online shop.

Source & Photos: Bellwoods Brewery

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