Blindman Brewing Releases Dream Machine Mexican Lager

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the release of a new beer inspired by the brewery’s first delivery vehicle (although as the announcement notes: “Can we call it a delivery vehicle if it never made a delivery because the engine died 2km into its maiden voyage?”)

Dream Machine Mexican Lager (4.5% abv):

Crisp, crushable lagers aren’t just for the summertime. Sometimes after a big, bold imperial stout or the warmth of a barleywine you just need something a little bit lighter. Dream Machine is a 4.5% lager that will transport you to the beach in your mind. This refreshing little thing hits all the characteristics you want in a Mexican lager: low bitterness, lightly sweet and bready, subtle corn and citrus notes and a smooth, dry finish.

Dream Machine is available now at the Blindman Brewing taproom and online shop, and select beer retailers in Alberta.

Source & Photo: Blindman Brewing

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