Storm Stayed Brewing Releases Montgomery Scotch Ale and Pola Roja Vienna Lager

LONDON, ON – Storm Stayed Brewing has announced the release of a pair of new beers that will take your taste buds on a trip “from the backwoods of Scotland to the beaches of Mexico”.

Montgomery Scotch Ale (8.5% abv):

Inspired by Starfleet Engineer Montgomery Scott, this heavy hitter is often referred to as a Wee Heavy. One can expect nutty biscuit-like aromas with flavours reminiscent of toffee and caramel. There’s a delicious touch of sweetness unhindered by low bitterness on the palate. With oats at play, this malt-forward ale is full-bodied and has a smooth mouthfeel.

Pola Roja Vienna Lager (5% abv):

In collaboration with Salt Box Brewing, this clear copper-hued Vienna Lager is the second partnership with our friends from Mahone Bay, NS—a picturesque town represented on the label. POLA ROJA is soft-bodied and slightly sweet with notable aromas of floral and spice from Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops. It’s well-balanced and finishes crisp and dry with a low level of bitterness.

Montgomery and Pola Roja are available now at the Storm Stayed taproom, retail store, and online shop.

Source & Photos: Storm Stayed Brewing

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