Cabin Brewing Releases Easy Living Patersbier

CALGARY, AB – Cabin Brewing has announced the release of a new Belgian-style ale.

Easy Living Patersbier (5.1% abv):

What is Patersbier? Meaning literally “Father’s beer” in Dutch, it was traditionally brewed within monastery walls using the second runnings (which had less sugar) of higher gravity Trappist beers like tripels. The resulting beer was lower in alcohol and thirst quenching – perfect during a monk’s day of work.

Just like the OG style, our Easy Living Patersbier Belgian-Style Ale isn’t complicated – it’s simple ingredients, treated well. Our take on the style is light and dry, with gentle malt sweetness and a heavenly blend of old and new world hops that play perfectly with a Belgian yeast strain that imbues orange and pear esters with some lovely dry pepper phenolics. It’s brewed entirely as a thirst-quenching tipple, so run – don’t walk – and get that thirst worked up to fully appreciate it.

Top Shelf is available now at the Cabin taproom and online store, and select beer retailers in Calgary. Distribution to Edmonton and elsewhere in Central Alberta will follow later this week.

Source & Photo: Cabin Brewing

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