Spindrift Brewing Changes Name to Burnside Brewing Company

DARTMOUTH, NS – Spindrift Brewing has announced that it has sold the rights to its original name to a foreign company that is getting set to enter the Canadian market, and will now be known as the Burnside Brewing Company.

As reported by Huddle, the brewery was contacted in early 2022 by Spindrift Beverage Co. who were planning to bring their sparkling water products into Canada, and the two companies ultimately came to a “mutual agreement, without any real substantial legal maneuvering” that gives the American company full rights to the Spindrift name.

The renamed Burnside Brewing takes its name from the Burnside Industrial Park where it’s located. General manager Jeff Green admits that the name and location are “decidedly un-hip,” which he says fits with the “approachable” beers that the brewery specializes in.

Green also tells Huddle that the brewery is planning a $600,000 upgrade that will include the addition of a new canning line and lab program, and that a new Burnside taproom elsewhere in Nova Scotia will soon be announced.

For more details, see the full article, and the Burnside pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Source: Huddle
Photo: Burnside Brewing

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