Innis & Gunn Canada Day 2011

TORONTO, ON – While not a Canadian brewery, Scotland’s Innis & Gunn has had great success here, with Canada being the largest export market for their unique oak-aged beers.

To thank Canadian beer drinkers for their support, the brewery released a limited edition Canada Day beer in 2009 and 2010 that was aged in oak barrels that previously held Canadian whisky. This year, I&G has developed a new beer to be released in honour of Canada Day 2011:

This special beer has been brewed using Munich malt and golden oats to give it a beautiful biscuit backbone and a creamy smooth finish. Fuggles hops add their signature earthy and rich character before maturation in bourbon oak unlocks delicious flavours of vanilla and toffee from deep inside the oak grain.

While no longer aged in Canadian whisky oak, Innis & Gunn Canada Day 2011 is still brewed exclusively for the Canadian market. In addition, each bottle is packaged in a box featuring artwork by Canadian artist Deborah Colvin, whose design was selected from a group of over 50 entries submitted by members of the Society of Canadian Artists.

Innis & Gunn Canada Day 2011 will be available by the end of May in beer, wine and spirits retailers in all provinces (except Quebec and Prince Edward Island), with a suggested retail price of $4.95 per 330 ml bottle.

One thought on “Innis & Gunn Canada Day 2011

  1. Screwed once again! Poor Quebec never gets any love with national contests, either, but their beer choice is way better than ours, so I have no pity for them.
    Maybe I’ll pick one of these up in NS this weekend if I see one.

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