Central City Settles Dispute With Bear Republic, Rebrands Red Racer as Red Betty for US Market

SURREY, BCBeernews.org reports that nearly two years of legal wrangling between Central City Brewing and California’s Bear Republic Brewery has finally come to a conclusion, with the American brewery appearing to have come out on top.

As first reported in February 2010, Bear Republic filed suit against Central City after the Canadian brewery entered the US market with its Red Racer Pale Ale and Red Racer IPA brands, claiming that they were too similar in name and appearance to Bear Republic’s Red Rocket Ale and Racer 5 IPA.

A ruling in Jane 2010 appeared to end the dispute in Central City’s favour, but the fight continued with further suits and petitions, leading to a settlement that was negotiated last fall.

While the terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, the recent US approval of labels for Red Betty Pale Ale and Red Betty IPA suggests that Central City was the losing party, and was forced to discontinue use of the Red Racer brand south of the border. Here in Canada, however, the original name and packaging remains intact.

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  1. After going to bear in April I agree with bear repubs claims even though CC Red Racer is great IPA.