Yukon Brewing Amps Up Its Red to Create The Megalomaniac

WHITEHORSE, YK – In addition to keeping busy with the new cask ale program that we reported on yesterday, Yukon Brewing has also been releasing an increasing number of one-off draught beers recently, with three tapped in January, and a fourth added this week.

Dubbed The Megalomaniac Imperial Red Ale, this new brew is essentially a bigger version of the brewery’s award winning Yukon Red:

It is built much like the Yukon Red in terms of the malt bill and hopping, except moreso. It has almost 60% more grain per litre of beer (and Yukon Red is pretty malty on its own) and nearly double the hops, including a dry-hopping that the Yukon Red does not get. We describe the result as Yukon Red on steroids.

The Megalomaniac is available now for growler fills at the Yukon Brewing retail store.

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