Alley Kat Brewberry Ale Returns for Another Year

EDMONTON, ABAlley Kat Brewing has brought back the popular summer seasonal beer, Brewberry Blueberry Ale, for a third year.

Brewed using real blueberries and natural blueberry extract, Brewberry is described by the brewery as follows:

A great patio-beer, this lightly straw coloured ale has a purple blush from the blueberries, and carries a thick white head. Finishing fairly dry and slightly tart, there is a fresh blueberry aroma that follows it straight to the last drop. We’re proud to say it is a real thirst-quencher.

Brewberry Blueberry Ale is in stock now at the Alley Kat retail store in 6 packs of 341 ml bottles. It will be available soon at liquor stores and select pubs and bars throughout Alberta, and will remain on the market through to the end of summer.

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