Alley Kat Big Bottle Series Continues With a Work of Tart

EDMONTON, ABAlley Kat Brewing has announced the release of the latest installment in the Big Bottle series of limited edition seasonal beers.

Work of Tart Raspberry Ale is a refreshing 4.1% abv summer beer based on a recipe developed by Alley Kat co-owner Neil Herbst during his homebrewing days, and revived due to a request from his wife and co-owner Lavonne Herbst.

“We have brewed a raspberry ale before, RazzyKat, which was a 6-pack summer seasonal. Work of Tart differs from RazzyKat in the volume of raspberries used (about 33 bushels) and in the addition of a lactic fermentation to the brewing process,” explains Neil Herbst. The Work of Tart is rosy pink in appearance, smells of fresh raspberries, and has a tart raspberry flavor.

Work of Tart will be officially launched tomorrow (Thursday July 12th) between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM during an open house at the brewery. A limited number of 650 ml bottles will be available at the Alley Kat brewery store, and at select liquor stores and bars in Alberta.

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