Hogtown Hog Wild IPA Launching Next Week

TORONTO, ONHogtown Brewers has announced the release of a new limited edition IPA which is set to be launched next week.

Hogtown Hog Wild IPA is described in an article by blogTO beer writer Ben Johnson, who had an advance taste earlier this week:

Off the top, the beer was all big floral and citrus aromas; likely owing to inclusion of Centennial hops. The immediate taste was bitter hops (in a good way) due not only to the fact that the recipe included Magnum hops but also because the beer had only recently been dry-hopped using Amarillo hops.

However, despite the fairly big hop profile (70 IBUs), the beer was well-balanced with a subtle, biscuity, malt backbone. It was a pretty smooth beer and, while it had a bitter finish and medium to heavy astringency, the fact that our sample had only recently been dry-hopped and was set to be cold crashed means that the final product will likely be considerably smoother and, once it’s carbonated, less astringent.

In short, beer-lingo free terms: this may well turn out to be a very good beer.

Hogtown Hog Wild IPA will be officially unveiled next Tuesday November 20th at 5:30 PM with a release party at the Victory Cafe (581 Markham Street, Toronto). It will be available at draught at select bars and pubs in Toronto while supplies last.

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