Pump House Releases Two Spring Seasonals in Six Packs


MONCTON, NBPump House Brewery has announced the release of two seasonal beers in bottles for the first time.

Braunschweig Wicked Wheat – named for the German word for “Brunswick” – has the following notes provided by the brewery:

This beer impresses with its long lasting foam and fine bubbles. Observe the intricate lacing down the side of the glass. The golden color is complemented by a yeast cloudiness typical to wheat beer. The aroma hits the nose with an abundance of fragrant esters. A very pleasing banana aroma pairs with a hint of sweetness from selected malts. The first sip opens up a world of flavors: banana and clove dominate the palate, then give way to a variety of different flavors and a delightful maltiness. A lingering, yet subtle bitterness from the noble Hallertau hop ties the flavors together.

Pump House Maple has the following description, courtesy of the Atlantic Canada Beer Blog:

The Maple Ale, at 5% ABV, is described as an amber-colored beer with an aroma that is slightly sweet, yet with a hint of Columbus hops in the background. The taste shows off the maple character, as the beer is “allowed to age upon an ample quantity of pure maple syrup, sourced from locally tapped sugar maple trees”.

Both beers are available now in six packs at the Pump House retail store and select ANBL locations.

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