Tool Shed Reveals Details of Three Debut Beers


CALGARY, ABTool Shed Brewing is still a few weeks away from having beer available for sale, but the names, labels and other details of the three beers the brewery will be launching with have been revealed via Facebook.

The first in the core line-up to be announced was Star Cheek IPA, a 6.2% ale with the following tasting notes:

This India Pale Ale is hoppy, bold and citrusy, yet clean and crisp. Higher in alcohol yet still remarkably balanced. These hops don’t smack you in the face, they tempt you to experience their complex profile.

Next to be unveiled was Red Rage, a 5.6% abv red ale described as follows:

The beer itself is dark red, roasty like coffee, toasty like fresh bread and makes your mouth water for more. We put just enough hops in to remind you what they’re capable of. This ale is medium boded and easy to drink.

Last but not least, the 5.2% abv People Skills has the following description:

Our session-able cream ale is light, refreshing and tries to get along with everybody. This smooth, lightly hopped ale offers beautiful mouthfeel and a golden, crystal clear appearance. It’s a real, refreshing crowd pleaser.

All three Tool Shed beers are expected to be available mid-summer at bars and retail outlets throughout Alberta.

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