Lighthouse Collaborates With Local Bakery on Sauerteig Farmhouse Ale


VICTORIA, BC – Vancouver Island beer blog Beer On The Rock reports that Lighthouse Brewing quietly released a new beer last week that was developed in collaboration with a local bakery.

Sauerteig Farmhouse Ale was created by Lighthouse head brewer Dean McLeod using ingredients provided by Byron Fry of Fry’s Red Wheat Bread. McLeod describes the beer as follows:

A saison with as many bakery ingredients as we could throw at it, including huge tubs of of rye sourdough starter made for us by Byron Fry. Sweet and a touch sour with a little rye spiciness, this one’s for more general audience than a truly sour or bretty beer would be.

Lighthouse Sauerteig Farmhouse Ale is available now at select liquor stores in B.C.

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