Great Lakes Robohop & Karma Citra Now Available at LCBO


TORONTO, ONGreat Lakes Brewery has announced that two popular IPAs from the Tank Ten series of limited edition beers have returned with LCBO distribution.

RoboHop Imperial IPA – 8.5% abv, 100 IBU – is described as follows:

RoboHop Imperial IPA is not a beer to trifle with. The unfiltered beer pours with a deep orange hue and a bright white head. Tropical fruits abound from the glass, which consist of passion fruit, guava, lemon with notes of white grape and evergreen mingling together. Traces of soft warming alcohol notes are also detected. The full-bodied 8.5% Imperial IPA is very gentle on the palate, making it one sneaky bugger. Many of the aromas come through in the taste, resulting in a very pleasant juicy finish that is slightly dry and bracingly bitter.


It’s joined by Karma Citra, a 6.6% abv and 65 IBU American-style IPA with the following notes:

Karma Citra is one of the most talked about IPAs in Canada for good reason. There is a lot of flavour packed into the orange-bodied award winning beer. Notes of lemon rind, tropical fruits, soft pine resin and a touch of honey bound from the glass in both the aroma and flavour thanks to a generous amount of the famous Citra hop. Deliciously bitter medium body, yet nice and smooth with a dry resiny finish.

Both beers are available now in 650 ml bottles at select LCBO locations, with RoboHop retailing for $8.95 and Karma Citra for $5.95 per bottle. In addition, a limited run of cans of RoboHop is on sale starting today at the Great Lakes retail store.

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