Railway City Releasing 2015 Edition of Double Dead Elephant


ST. THOMAS, ONRailway City Brewing has announced release details for this year’s edition of an annual autumn variation on one of the brewery’s flagship beers.

Double Dead Elephant Ale is an amped up version of Dead Elephant Ale, brewed to higher alcohol and bitterness levels, and described as follows:

Double Dead Elephant is our Imperial IPA, with twice the amount of hops than our original Dead Elephant Ale! Come one, come all, and enjoy a taste of local Ontario grown Cascade hops! With aromas of pine, strawberries and pear, and a taste of herbaceous candied cherry, this 7.5% alc./vol. brew is both warming and staggeringly bitter.

The 2015 edition of Double Dead Elephant will be released today (September 15th) with a release party at the brewery from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Fittingly, this falls on the 130th anniversary of the death of Jumbo, the famous circus elephant who was killed by a train after a show in St. Thomas, which is the incident that inspired the name of the both beers.

For more details, see the release announcements on the Railway City Facebook page.

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