33 Acres Brewing Releases 33 Acres of Equinox


VANCOUVER, BC33 Acres Brewing has announced the release of its latest limited run beer.

33 Acres of Equinox is an 4.2% abv dry nitro stout with the following description:

As seeds are sown among moist fertile soils and crisp leaves play the part recycling matter, 33 Acres of Equinox breathes into natural rhythms while being presented attentively. Each nitrogen infused serum abundantly rouses a diverse earthy embodied cream of the froth; commemorating this wholly revolved world centred equal altogether. So, what happens when the most bountiful atmospheric element bubbles through an effervescent stout hugged by robust java notes, sensuous roasted sugars, and homey touches of smoke? To be continued here in the flesh on course with a proper introduction…

33 Acres of Equinox is available on draught exclusively at the 33 Acres taproom while supplies last.

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