Burdock & Pearl Morissette Releasing Collaborative BUMO Saison Rose


TORONTO, ON – Burdock has announced details of a new beer-wine hybrid created in collaboration with Niagara Region winery Pearl Morissette.

BUMO Saison Rose is described as follows:

BUMO is made of 40% pinot noire rose grape juice from Pearl Morissette and 60% Saison from us. It underwent mixed fermentations with wild wine yeasts & bacterias from Niagara and choice Saison & Brettanomyces cultures from @escarpmentlabs. It was bottle conditioned for 3 months. The result is a pinkish fruit-forward sparkling wine-beer that is just in time for summer.

BUMO Saison Rose will be released on Friday in a limited run of 750 ml bottles available exclusively at the Burdock retail store.

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