Danforth Brewery Launches in Toronto with Viaduct IPA


TORONTO, ON – A new contract brewery named after one of the most iconic neighbourhoods in Toronto has announced the release of its first beer.

Danforth Brewery has been founded by East Danforth resident Ed Carter with a stated mission “to produce high quality, hand-crafted ales including interpretations of classic beer styles, and experimental one-offs to contribute to the future of the Danforth one delicious hand crafted ale at a time.”

The company’s first brand is Viaduct IPA, which is described as follows:

Viaduct West Coast IPA is a tribute to the iconic Prince Edward Viaduct. Built in 1918, the Viaduct’s innovative design connected East Toronto to the Old City of Toronto and spurred development along Danforth Avenue. Viaduct is a meticulously crafted West Coast IPA. Brewed with medium bitterness and aromas of citrus and pine, it showcases the hop-forward style of beer that was pioneered by craft brewers in the 1980s, and is savoured by discerning beer drinkers to this day.

Danforth Viaduct IPA is available now on draught and in cans at select bars and restaurants in Toronto. For more details, see the Danforth Brewery Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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