Bellwoods Brewery Releasing Barn Owl No. 4 Today


TORONTO, ONBellwoods Brewery has announced details of the fourth instalment in the Barn Owl series of barrel-aged and blended beers.

Barn Owl No. 4 is described as follows:

This blend of Brett Farmhouse ales with currants is exactly the kind of beer we love making and drinking — dry, slightly funky, subtley tart but not sour (we like sour beers but this one isn’t), with a hint of fruit. The farmhouse ales were aged for a year in old use oak barrels with a variety of brett strains and currants, and after tasting the final result we know this is a fruit we’ll be incorporating on a much more regular basis. (We were all a little googly-eyed).

Barn Owl No. 4 will be released today (August 19th) at 11:00 AM exclusively at the Bellwoods retail store. The release is limited to approximately 2500 bottles selling for $12 each, with a limit of 6 bottles per person.

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