Powell Brewery & Odd Society Spirits Releasing Ode to Wallflower Pale Ale

VANCOUVER, BCPowell Brewery has announced details of a new “hyper local collaboration” with Odd Society Spirits, a small distillery located just a couple of blocks away from the brewery.

Ode to Wallflower Pale Ale is a 6.2% abv and 35 IBU ale that started out as a batch of Powell’s Ode to Citra Pale Ale which was then aged it in barrels that were previously used to produce Odd Society’s Wallflower Gin. The result is described as a “botanically charged, slightly oaked, and incredibly delicious version of the Citra hopped ale.”

Ode to Wallflower is being released today (April 3rd) at 2:00 PM in the Powell tasting room and retail store, where it will be available on tap and in 650 ml bottles while supplies last.

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