Category 12 Releases Hiatus Summer Farmhouse Ale

VICTORIA, BCCategory 12 Brewing has announced the release of a new seasonal beer with a flavour and character ideal for the warmer days ahead.

Hiatus Summer Farmhouse Ale is a 5% abv ale infused with cucumber and lemon, and described as follows:

Our love of the multitude of yeast strains continues, this time we’ve leveraged a Norwegian yeast to help create a welcome break from the tedium of both work and weather! This limited seasonal beer evokes memories of Scandinavian farmhouse ales past with its dry, rustic, and earthy character. Balanced by the refreshing brightness of fresh cucumber and lemon zest, you’ll find Hiatus is best enjoyed on a sunny day as you leave your obligations behind.

Hiatus is available now in glasses and growlers at the Category 12 brewery, with 650 ml bottles set to be available soon at select private liquor stores in British Columbia.

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