Boombox Brewing Returns & Releases Cans of Rad Seeker IPA

VANCOUVER, BC – Two months after the end of a year-long term at co-op/contract facility Callister Brewing, Vancouver’s Boombox Brewing has returned at a new home and with its first canned release.

As reported by Take Your Porter to the Slaughter, Boombox is now producing its beer at Dogwood Brewing, and has marked the new relationship with the release of Rad Seeker IPA, “a hazy IPA that is double dry hopped with the raddest hops that Boombox could find to create an incredibly crushable tropical juice bomb.”

Boombox Rad Seeker IPA was released on the weekend at the Dogwood taproom and retail store, where it is available by the glass and in 473 ml cans. Distribution to select private liquor stores and bars is taking place this week.

For more details, see the Boombox Brewing Facebook page.

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