Bandit Brewery Wizard of Gose Series Continues with Prickly Pear Version

TORONTO, ON – Bandit Brewery has announced the release of the latest version of Wizard of Gose, an ongoing series of fruit-flavoured goses.

Wizard of Gose: Prickly Pear (4.2% abv) was brewed using an exotic fruit not often used in beer, which is described as follows:

The prickly pear cactus fruit, often referred to as “tuna”, is a refreshing fruit that is quite popular in the southern states of Mexico, especially in Oaxaca. While other parts of the cactus are traditionally used for delicious “nopales” tacos or as part of a salad, the fruit only grows once a year, which makes it a true delicacy. Making it even more appealing and mysterious is the fact that you have to slice off the dangerous sharp needle-like spines before you can get to the real sweet stuff. The fruit itself has a beautiful and complex flavour that borderlines between bubble-gum and melon with bright berry aromas, all characteristics that truly compliment the salty and sour profile that Gose beers are known for.

The resulting beer is described as having “vibrant color and refreshing tartness [with] aromas of watermelon, berry, and candied fruit.”

Wizard of Gose: Prickly Pear is available now in the Bandit taproom and bottle shop while supplies last.

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