Sawdust City Brewing Brings Back Olde B.A. Johnston’s Finest Malt Liquor

GRAVENHURST, ON – Sawdust City Brewing has announced the return of a new “highly credible and enjoyably shreddable” beer created in collaboration with Hamilton-based folk-punk artist B.A. Johnston.

Olde B.A. Johnston’s Finest Malt Liquor – which has been tweaked this year to include hop hash in the recipe – is described as follows:

There’s something about the taste of Olde B.A. Johnston’s Finest that always earns a big, broad smile of welcome. That something is the result of the exclusive Sawdust City process: the most studious brewing process using the choicest hops and premium barley malt.

This year’s edition of Olde B.A. Johnston’s will make its debut at this weekend’s Session Toronto beer festival. It will be available in cans at the brewery and select LCBO stores later in the month.

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