Abe Erb Brewing Announces Closure of All Locations

WATERLOO, ON – Abe Erb Brewing has announced that all four of its brewpub and restaurant locations in Ontario’s Waterloo Region have closed effectively immediately.

In a statement posted this morning on its Instagram and Facebook pages, the company said that “challenging circumstances have prevailed and we are unable to move forward as a business.”

The statement also thanks its customers for their loyal support:

Since Abe Erb opened in 2014 we’ve been fortunate for the opportunity to be part of a passionate community that comes together around it’s local businesses, even in the more uncertain times. The phenomenal support and encouragement we’ve received over the years is a testament to this and has truly meant the world to us. We close this chapter in Abe Erb’s history forever grateful for the fabulous guests, wonderful friends, dedicated staff, and beautiful partnerships which together have given us the best reasons to raise a glass in celebration time after time, year after year.

Named after Waterloo founder Abraham Erb, the first Abe Erb brewpub opened in Waterloo in 2014, and was followed by locations in Kitchener in 2017, Ayr in early 2019, and Guelph in late 2019. All of them had closed temporarily at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, with Guelph never reopening, and only the Kitchener and Ayr locations in operation at the time of the permanent closure.

Source: CTV News

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