Barrel Heart Brewing & Blending Releases First Beers

CAMBRIDGE, ON – A new brewery that aims to offer drinkers “An Expression of Love & Oak” has announced the release of its first beers.

Barrel Heart Brewing & Blending is a new artisanal producer dedicated to beers that are “aged in oak barrels that once held wine & refermented on whole, Ontario fruit.”

Barrel Heart made its official debut over the weekend at Brux House in Hamilton, with the following pair of beers.

Plums Lovely as a Poem (4.5% abv):

A saison aged in local wine barrels and rested upon tart golden plums from the Twenty Valley. The fruit brings a refreshing acidity to the house character of our saison, weaving together old and new to create an elegant beer of age and grace. Every day, as it conditions, Plums Lovely as a Poem is expressing more brettanomyces character of stone fruit, pineapple, fresh-cut flowers and citrus zest that we love about mixed-fermentation beers.

Cherries Aged Like Grace (6.3% abv):

Aged in wine barrels and refermented on Montmorency sour cherries from the Twenty Mile Bench appellation of the Niagara region. This beer is a combination of mature spelt and buckwheat saison, brewed with a variety of French hops, and our mixed-fermentation cellar culture. This saison reminds us of the aroma in an old fruit barn that has stood for generations during the harvest. The thick wood beams and earthen floor exude soft vanilla, aged spices and bloomy rind, with the perfumed nose of fresh-picked cherries.

Plums Lovely as a Poem and Cherries Aged Like Grace are available now at the Brux House restaurant and bottle shop, and soon at other select licensees in Ontario. For more details, see the Barrel Heart Instagram page.

Source & Photo: Barrel Heart Brewing & Blending

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