Meuse Brewing Releases Three Beers for 2nd Anniversary

SCOTLAND, ON – Meuse Brewing has announced the release of three beers to mark the 2nd anniversary of the brewery’s official opening on February 26th.

Tripel (9% abv) is also celebrating this year’s inaugural edition of International Tripel Day:

The mission of International Tripel Day on March 3 is to celebrate and promote the appreciation of the Belgian Tripel, a unique and flavourful style of beer. Through online and in-person celebrations, we aim to bring together Tripel enthusiasts from around the world to share in the joy of this delicious style of beer. For this we have made our own take on this very traditional style. Our Tripel exhibits a spicy and fruity yeast character presented over a soft, grainy-sweet malt backbone. Don’t be fooled by its drinkability as these beers are robust.

Minuit au Cerisier (8.5% abv):

This beer draws inspiration from the darker Belgian beer side. The base beer exhibits characteristics of both Belgian Dark Ales as well as some of the more complex oak and winey notes of our favourite Flanders Red Ales. After aging our dark strong ale in red wine barrels previously from Front Road Cellars for over a year, we refermented it on 200 grams per liter of Norfolk County whole Montmorency sour cherries. The resulting beer pours with a beautiful dark ruby-red glow. The cherries immediately greet you in the aroma and as the initial cherry flavour fades, we get notes of almond, plum, and an oaky vanilla finish. Although the fruit-forward flavour and mild carbonation give an impression of sweetness, it finishes quite dry.

Terroir (5% abv):

Terroir is as the name implies: a beer made from our farm. As many of you know this past year our farm has become certified organic, meaning we can now use our own organic barley malt in our beers. If you have visited the beer garden you will have seen we planted some hop bines as well. We took these homegrown ingredients to make a fresh hopped SMASH (Single Malt And Single Hop) fermented in stainless steel tanks with our house mix culture. This beer starts off sour, then makes room for subtle notes of tropical fruit and an almost earthy honey-like flavour. The finish is dry and moreish.

All three beers are available now at the Meuse retail shop and online store.

Source & Photo: Meuse Brewing

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