Elora Brewing Releases Stout

ELORA, ON – Elora Brewing has announced the release of a straightforward beer with a straightforward moniker.

Stout (4.1% abv):

Stout is a tiny, roasty, easy-drinking beer, and just like its name, it’s simple and to the point. It has a slight smokiness and bitter chocolate notes. This dry, Irish stout is well-rounded, full bodied, and pours a dark brown with a creamy foam. It’s a simple, crispy sipper.

FYI – there’s a “parti” in the can. We made this beer using the traditional brewing method of parti-gyling, which in short means getting multiple beers out of the same mash. We brewed multiple worts from the same mash, and one beer is this lower ABV Stout, and the second will have nearly double the ABV.

Stout is available now at the Elora Brewing retail store, restaurant, and online shop.

Source & Photo: Elora Brewing

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