Wild Winds Brewery Releases Zephyr Table Saison

PINCHER CREEK, AB – Wild Winds Brewery has announced the release of the fourth and final beer in its core line-up.

Zephyr Table Saison (3% abv):

Zephyr  is a pale, refreshing, effervescent low strength Belgian ale with a very dry finish. The beer has medium fruity and spicy flavours, supported by a medium soft malt character, with some grainy flavours and malty complexity. The hops play a minimal role adding bitterness to balance the malty sweetness and some earthy, herbal notes. The yeast provides all of the fantastic esters, including orange, apple, lemon, pear and the baking spice characteristics, including pepper, clove, and nutmeg. We haven’t added any additional spices or herbs; this is all derived from the yeast.

Zephyr is available now at beer retailers throughout Alberta.

Source & Photo: Wild Winds Brewery

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