Escarpment Labs Releases IPA Yeast Strains Pomona and Elysium

GUELPH, ONEscarpment Labs has announced the launch of the first pair of yeasts from its Experimental Strain Program.

Pomona and Elysium have been “meticulously developed to help brewers not only distinguish their IPAs in a crowded market, but also to enhance brewing efficiency and unlock unique flavour profiles.”

They are further described as follows:

Pomona is the perfect all-around IPA strain that promises to redefine hop-forward beers. With prominent notes of peach, citrus, and tropical fruits, complemented by a stable haze, Pomona combines the best of both worlds — flavour and aesthetics. The strain was crafted using yeast cross breeding techniques, crossing a highly aromatic strain with an exceptionally robust and reliable strain and resulting in a single strain of yeast with the best of both worlds. To fine-tune its performance, Escarpment Labs employed adaptive laboratory evolution, making Pomona highly adapted to the specific fermentation conditions of modern IPAs. The result? An excellent new strain that stands out in the world of contemporary IPA & pale ales.

For brewers seeking to turn their creations into a tropical paradise, Elysium is the exclusive IPA strain designed to make that dream a reality. Developed with a strong pineapple ester profile and exceptional flocculation, Elysium allows for rapid yeast cropping and faster beer turnarounds. This unique strain is the result of yeast breeding that combined two aromatic strains, enhancing both flocculation and ester production. Additionally, Elysium is incredibly versatile, capable of fermentation at warmer temperatures or with a free rise, further amplifying pineapple ester production. Beyond IPAs, it is also suitable for fermenting sours, offering an unparalleled range of possibilities to brewers.

Commercial brewers can pre-order Pomona and Elysium now via the Escarpment Labs website for early November shipments, and homebrew pitches will be released later in November.

Source & Photo: Escarpment Labs

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