Rainhard Brewing Releases 2023 Edition of Satanic Panic Imperial Stout

TORONTO, ON – Rainhard Brewing has released this year’s vintage of a strong holiday seasonal.

Satanic Panic Imperial Stout:

Rainhard always gets excited around the holidays, but for perhaps a more blasphemous reason than one might think. For this is the time of year that the delicious, decadent and delightfully devilish Satanic Panic cocoa, coffee & vanilla Imperial Stout emerges from shadow and flame to dance on your taste buds like a demon in the darkness. As thick as dragon’s blood, yet as smooth as the great deceiver’s tongue, this stout benefits from slow sipping as you allow it to swirl around your mouth and warm your sinful soul as you savour all the delicious dalliances that damnation has to offer.

Satanic Panic is available now at the Rainhard taproom.

Source: Brian Marmoreo
Photo: Rainhard Brewing

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