33 Acres Brewing and Toyo Steel Co. Release Collaborative Tool Box

VANCOUVER, BC33 Acres Brewing has announced the release of a unique collaboration with Toyo Steel Co.

The two companies have created a special edition of Toyo’s classic Y-350 tool box featuring an engraved 33 Acres plate on the lid, with each of them containing a tasting glass and a bottle of 10th Anniversary Spelt Saison (6% abv):

A foeder fermented edition of our favorite brett saison! Dryhopped with hallertau blanc, this beer brings wine-like aromas and tannin structure within a spelt heavy saison base.

The limited run of 30 boxes is available now at the 33 Acres taproom in Vancouver and via the brewery’s online store.

Source & Photo: 33 Acres Brewing

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