Molson Canadian 67

TORONTO, ONMolson Coors Canada have launched a new brand extension to their flagship Molson Canadian lager.

Molson Canadian 67 is a light beer brewed to 3.0% abv with 67 calories, which the press release notes is “half the calories of a glass of wine or a single mixed drink and one-third fewer calories than light beer.”

Also from the press release:

Molson Canadian 67 is specially brewed for Canadian beer tastes by blending two-row malted barley, a touch of wheat, and a triple hopping method using four different varieties of hops. The result is a light beer with rich colour, creamy foam, and the clean flavour you expect from other light beers with only two-thirds the calories.

Molson Canadian 67 has been launched in Ontario and Atlantic Canada to start, with a roll-out to other provinces planned to follow by the end of November.

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  1. What a great tasting beer and I love the less calories! It is a little more costly though with less alcohol content.

  2. Well, if it’s low calories, it’s low carbs! Calories are the measure of energy which derive from either fat (fat calories) or from carbohydrate (carbohydrate calories) and there ain’t gonna be any fat in a beverage like beer (in a cocktail that uses cream etc. there would be). Calories and carbohydrate go up and down together in a drink like this.

    When will we get it in the UK? Might encourage me to go out drinking more. Also, anyone know what % vol it is?

  3. The nutrient information for this product as received from the company.
    67 Calories
    0g Fat
    5mg Sodium
    0.4g Protein
    4g Carbohydrates
    0g Sugar

    I tried the beer last night and it wasn’t bad at all. If you are counting carbs and sugar, this is a wonderful product.

  4. I am a displaced Canadian now living in California and I would like to know if this Molson Canadian 67 will be available here in the US and when? Fortunately, Molson Canadian is available here and it’s definitely my flagship lager :)

  5. molson Canadian 67 ads are so proud that this new beer has only 67 calories. What they don’t tell you is that there are ONLY 3% alchol.

  6. Why this beer is perfect for me…

    1. I like the taste of beer.
    2. I like the lower calories.
    3. Getting drunk is not in my agenda.

    I don’t want water, but that doesn’t matter here, does it?

  7. I actually like the beer, and kutos to the bars that serve it. I am able to have a social beer with all my friends after a game and not worry about an impared charge or a suspension because I want a beer.

  8. this is a fabulous tasting beer and only 67 calories. The only way this beer could be better is if you could get it in cans. We are campers/outdoor people and cans are so much more easier than bottles to pack and also to bring home. Bottles take extra care in packing and often in transit the empties will break when returning them home.

  9. This beer is decent tasting and of course very light, and contains only 3% alcohol. The great thing about this is you can bring a 6 or 12 pack to a party, share some of it and, depending on your weight, drink it slowly all night long and never become impaired! So it has a good taste and allows you to be social without getting hammered. If you want to get hammered, you have many other options and probably don’t care to drink light beer very much.

  10. Love this beer! It is not only good tasting, but low in calories! Maybe women would like it more than men, with the low alcohol content. I too wish it would come in cans!!!!

  11. I really enjoyed the light taste. Very refreshing after a hot day at work, with no worries of extra calories. I seem to have a slight allergic reaction to this beer. Does it contain any lactose?

  12. because it’s only 3% alcohol you’re actually paying more for less. It’s the same as drinking half a regular beer except you’re paying full price! I mean why not just drink one beer at twice the cals and twice the booze content, instead of drinking 2 ($$) of the 67s? Or if you want to stick to 60ish cals (OR LESS) have a rum/whiskey/vodka and diet something…
    Come on guys… you’re paying to be scammed!

  13. if i didn’t know it contained 67 calories, I would have throught the beer was named after the last year that the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup :P

  14. I bought the beer because it was 67 calories and i liked it but didnt notice it only had 3% alc, i feel like i got ripped off and will stick to my reg beer from now on

  15. To the guy who said it was a ripoff; I f your main creteria in a beer is the amount of Alcohol, why don’t you get some trash beer like Black Label Extreme 10.5%; you won’t feel like you are being ripped off :-(

    You know what it is not everybody that likes to get smashed; I do a lot of sport and sometimes we have a beer or two after with friends. Now I wont have to worry about losing my licenses.

    1. No (respectable) beer is brewed with sugar (except my “hom-bru”). The law of purity — water, malt hops.

  16. Hi, afraid I’m not a big beer drinker except on a hot summer day after mowing the grass or working in the garden. I came across an article – pamplet in probably a Chatelaine magazine sponsered by Canadian 67.
    It was called Quick Change – for recipie – when you don’t have something what to supstitute with as well as conversion chart on the back. Could you, do you have a copy – one you could mail to me.

    Tracey riley
    625 Manchester AVe.
    Selkirk, MB
    R1A 2B8

    or maybe email a copy to me.

    Much appreciated.
    Tracey Riley

  17. since alcohol companies don’t post ingredients i am wondering if it has aspartame or anything like that in there! …and to people who are saying it’s a rip off i just realized that instead next time i’ll get regular beer and mix half water and i’ll get twice as much light beer at the same cost ;)

  18. This is crap! Beer companies are pushing light beer due to massive profit from selling at full price and half the alcohol content!

  19. What is wrong with you alcoholics?…Why do you think less alcohol content means a ripoff. Ignore this beer if all you want to get is drunk. Let those of us who want to enjoy a beer without the beer belly have it all to ourselves.

  20. Sugar is zero because the yeast turned it into alcohol.
    Doubt there would be aspertame.
    Your not paying for less because of a lower alcohol content. It’s not like there “putting in less alcohol”. The work that goes into a beer is the same reguardless off alcohol content. It’s probably more expensive right now because it’s new and they need to recoup some costs to develop and roll it out.
    If your just looking to get drunk do shots.

  21. I find it bizarre that this is the #1 most popular article.. and that all the commenters seem to enjoy it. I find this beer to be absolutely awful. I don’t particularly believe that they use any real ingredients (certainly hops extract and rice). I don’t think it tastes good or satisfies on any level.

  22. Canadian 67 is a fitting product for people who like to pretend. Just like giving an unalcoloic beverage an Irish name.

  23. When will draft Molson Canadian 67 be available in Calgary, and where?
    Does Molson intend to brew any other low-alcohol beers in response to the introduction of the Alberta .05% blood-alcohol limit?

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