R&B Icehole Lager

VANCOUVER, BC – Love Good Beer, a beer blog based in Vancouver, reports that R&B Brewing are set to release a new brew called Icehole Lager as a tongue-in-cheek response to comments made last November by comedian Stephen Colbert:

You may recall the controversy created by Canada’s decision to restrict access to Olympic venues for foreign athletes. You may also recall Stephen Colbert’s reaction to the decision. If you don’t, read up on how he called us a bunch of “Canadian Iceholes” here. […] R&B Brewing, in direct response to Colbert’s comments, has brewed a new beer called Icehole Lager. I’ve also heard that R&B are sending Colbert a few cases and that he’s been invited to suck on an Icehole. I suspect that Colbert may even mention the beer on his show. In my opinion, this is brilliant non-Olympic Olympic marketing by R&B. Well played sirs.

There’s been no official word from R&B on when Icehole Lager will be released, but it will likely be later this month in order to capitalize on the Olympics.

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  1. The release is:

    Friday, February 5th
    Pumphouse Pub
    6031 Blundell Road, Richmond


    Capones Restaurant and Live Jazz Club
    1141 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

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