Hops Harvest Has Brewers Excited Across The Country

With commercial hop farming in Canada experiencing a revival, breweries across the country are reaping the benefits, with this year’s crops being scooped up and used as soon as they’re harvested.

In New Brunswick, CBC News reports that Happy Hopyard hops farm near Anagance has had requests for their first crop of organic hops from a number of breweries in the region, including Picaroon’s, Propeller and Garrison. They don’t expect they’ll be able to meet the full demand this year, but hope to increase their yield next year.

In Nova Scotia, the Halifax Chronicle-Herald reports that Garrison has brewed their first wet hop ale using hops from Happy Hopyard as well as two Nova Scotia farms – the Ross Farm Museum in New Ross, and Meander River Farm in Hants County. The beer should be ready for release in late September.

In Ontario, Heritage Hill Organics in Dalston has harvested what is believed to be the first commercial batch of hops in Ontario in almost 85 years.  The hops were picked last weekend with the help of staff from Duggan’s Brewery in Toronto, which will be one of the first breweries to craft a beer using the historic harvest.

If you know of any other hops being harvested or fresh/wet hop beers being made elsewhere in Canada, please feel free to mention it in the comments section below.

Photo from Chronicle-Herald website

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  1. Driftwood Brewery did a Harvest IPA last year with hops from Sartori Cedar Ranch near Chilliwack, BC and Crannog Brewery in Sorrento, BC is an organic brewery that grows most of their own hops and has an excellent section on hops cultivation on their website.

    Following a bountiful hop harvest, we’re unveiling our Grow Hop Fresh Hop Bitter. Newly plucked Chinook hops are packed into this euphoric new brew, resulting not only in aromatic hoppy bitterness, but also some strong melon flavours.

    Not sure if this will be returning this year

  3. Heritage Brewing in Ottawa has just released a Harvest Edition of their Premium Lager brewed with wet hops grown by Larry Roche in Prince Edward County. Last year Larry supplied us with wet hops and we brewed a harvest version of Traditional Dark Lager. We will be doing this again next year.

  4. Slow Acres Organics are growing hops in Peterborough, ON. This second year harvest provided a small amount “pre-sold” to the homebrew market, with the expectation that we will be able to supply 1-2 breweries with small shipments in 2011. Current varieties include Fuggles, Goldings, Mt Hood, Nugget, Centennial, Chinook and Zeus. The focus will be on flavour and aroma hop varieties as we determine what grows best under our organic conditions.

  5. Fresh hops beer is being brewed by the Brasseurs du Temps in old Hull, Quebec. The hops is being grown in West Quebec on two farms as part of an agriculture diversification project. It tastes wonderful! Hopefully it the start of a new tradition in the Pontiac region.

  6. Bitterbine Hop Company is in the midst of harvesting its first commercial crop of organic hops in Lillooet, British Columbia . Over 100 lbs have been dried and packaged to be distributed to local home brewers and a special order has been prepared for Yaletown Brewing Co. No wet hops ales have been commissioned this year but plans are afoot to make 2011 the year of the wet-hopped ale.

  7. I’m growing 12 different varieties of hops in Manitoba near Winnipeg. They are growing like crazy. This is the 3rd year for some varieties.
    I sell rhizomes as well as harvested whole hops.

  8. Eagle Valley Hops Estate in British Columbia has completed it’s first harvest with excellent results. Test results for the acids are all above average.

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