New & Returning Brews From Amsterdam Brewery

TORONTO, ON – In what has likely been their busiest month ever for new brews, Toronto’s Amsterdam Brewery has released four new and returning limited edition beers since the beginning of December.

The first to arrive was the brewery’s official winter seasonal, Wee Heavy Scotch Ale, which is returning for a second year, albeit under a new name:

Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (formerly known as Tilted Kilt) is Amsterdam’s version of the “wee heavy” ales traditionally brewed in Scotland. Scotch Ales have a distinctive profile reflective of the environment where they are created and since Scotland’s climate is not very conducive to growing hops, Wee Heavy lacks a hoppy flavour. Instead, an extra long boil that is customary to the Scotch Ale brewing process caramelizes the wort and lends to a sweeter, fuller-bodied brew. The long boil also produces a deep copper-brown colour and at 6.2% alc./vol., Wee Heavy is not just a clever name. Roasted malt and caramel aromas accentuate the nose of this seasonal brew that is suitable to fend off the winter chill and will warm you from the belly out.

Released at the same time as the Wee Heavy was a new bottling of Boneshaker IPA, a well-hopped ale that was popular in its original release back in the spring.

A brand new release is a Smoked Porter which was brewed in collaboration with homebrewer Kyle Teichert. The beer was Teichert’s entry into a contest sponsored by Amsterdam in partnership with Toronto Beer Week, and having a commercial batch of the beer brewed was the grand prize. In addition to being released now, a portion of the beer has been set aside to age in a bourbon barrel for later release.

Rounding out the quartet is CJM Brown Royale, a double brown ale previewed in October at Volo Cask Days, and now available in a wider release.

All four of these beers are available now in 500 ml bottles at the Amsterdam Brewery retail store, and Wee Heavy will also be available on tap at select bars and restaurants in Toronto.

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