Propeller Releases Growler-Only Zwicklebier

HALIFAX, NS Propeller Brewery has released a limited edition Zwicklebier, which is described as follows:

Propeller Zwicklebier is a smooth, unfiltered beer that has a light hop finish. An old world and unique German beer style, Zwickelbier is unfiltered and unpasteurized lager that dates back to the Middle Ages. The name Zwickelbier stems from the sampling cock (“Zwickel” in German) mounted at the outside of a cask or tank to take tastes for assessing the brew’s progress during fermentation. Zwickelbier originated in the small artisanal breweries of Franconia, what is now Northern Bavaria. It is rarely exported to other German States or internationally. This unique style is generally not available in the North America because it is meant to be drunk fresh and does not lend itself to export.

Propeller Zwicklebier is available exclusively in growlers via the Prop Shop retail outlet at the brewery.

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