Broadhead Brewing Now Open in Ottawa

OTTAWA, ON – Canada’s Capital Region has a new brewery with the recent opening of Broadhead Brewing in Ottawa.

Founded by a quartet of homebrewers – Shane Matte, Josh Larocque, Jason Smale and Jamie White – Broadhead has come out of the gate with five beers covering a range of styles and flavours, including Underdog Pale Ale, Dark Horse Stout, Long Shot White, Backbone Standard Ale and Grindstone Amber.

Broadhead’s brews are currently available only at the brewery in 19 litre corny kegs, and for those don’t have the set-up to serve that format, they’re also selling home kegerator systems at cost. Growlers will be available soon, along with larger sanke kegs for bars and pubs.

One thought on “Broadhead Brewing Now Open in Ottawa

  1. Your Grindstone Amber. very very weak tasing, I was very dissapointed it reminded me of Richards Red. Maybe it was a bad batch. It was package on Nov 12 2011. I rather give my bussiness to local breweries. where”s the bite. Take care I ‘ll try again in the new year. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.
    James Wallin

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