Half Pints Brews Up a Pair of New Beers

WINNIPEG, MBHalf Pints Brewing has two new beers launching this weekend, although one has a name that will seem familiar to local fans of the brewery.

CKUbreW is a beer brewed especially in support of the annual fundraising drive for campus radio station CKUW 95.9 FM (running February 10th to 17th), and while a beer with the same name and purpose was released last year at this time, Half Pints owner and brewmaster David Rudge has been quick to point out that this year’s version is quite different:

It’s a blonde ale with pale and melanoidin malts, along with Warrior and large doses of Zythos hops thru the back end of the brewing. 5.0% a/v with 35 IBU’s. Last year’s version of the CKUbreW (now retired) was a blended and dryhopped beer.

Completely new is Saison De La Ceinture Fléchée, a saison being released at the brewery tomorrow:

We’ve brewed our Saison De La Ceinture Flechee with a heavy dose of nose thumbing towards the winter season, striking a balance between drinkability and full flavour that you won’t find in other beers of similar alcohol contents. The yeast was sourced from two different farmhouse breweries. So far it has shown aromas and flavours of apple, peach and cloves. We’ve also chosen a mixed bag of malt barley and malted wheat for a full fruity flavour.

CKUbreW is available now in 341 ml bottles at the brewery and on tap at The Lo Pub, the location of many events related to the CKUW fundraising drive. The Saison will be available starting tomorrow in 650 ml bottles at the brewery and select MLCC locations.

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