Bamboo Beer Launching Soon in Ontario


TORONTO, ON – In what is believed to be a first in North America, if not the world, Ontario drinkers will soon be able to purchase a beer made with bamboo as the primary ingredient.

Developed by Vincent Villanis, a Filipino businessman who owns bamboo farms in Grimsby and St. Catharines, Bamboo Beer is a 5.7% abv ale brewed from a tea made from bamboo and hops.

Bamboo Beer is being contract brewed at Cool Brewing, and will be launched at the the Filipinos Making Waves Festival taking place at Yonge-Dundas Suqare in Toronto on July 13th. More details will be posted as available on the Bamboo Beer Facebook page and website.

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  1. Not sure this would be considered beer.

    • Bamboo has the best component to balance with hops due to its anti oxidants and natural perservatives. A perfect balance for beer. Even the best master brewers in Ontario are craving for it. You should try it and you will be in for a big surprise! Plus it is made locally..Unless you are one of those who support the big monopolies.

  2. I’ll certainly give it a try Kevin and I don’t doubt for a minute that it’s good. My only point being, could it be considered beer if made with bamboo? I’m a bit of a purist you know.

    And yes I always buy local…never support a multi national giant.