Les Brasseurs RJ Takes Full Ownership of McAuslan Brewing


MONTREAL, QC – Montreal breweries Les Brasseurs RJ and McAuslan Brewing have jointly announced that the former company has taken full ownership of the latter, in a deal that will see McAuslan founders Peter McAuslan and Ellen Bounsall leaving the company.

The partnership between the two companies extends back to 2008, when RJ purchased a 46% share in McAuslan from Moosehead Breweries. With this new transaction, RJ is purchasing all remaining shares from majority shareholders McAuslan and Bounsall, adding McAuslan to a portfolio that also includes Belle Gueule, Le Cheval Blanc and other brands.

In a statement, Peter McAuslan says on behalf of¬†Bounsall and himself that the sale is “a bittersweet moment for us both. We were pioneers in the craft brewing business in North America. We set out to make interesting beers for consumers, and change the world of brewing. We have achieved both of these goals.”

In a simultaneous statement from RJ, the new parent company indicates that the deal “will not in any way change the way the two entities operate. What’s more, they will both continue to function in an independent manner, and their respective beers will still maintain their unique brand identities. The facilities and employees of each organisation will continue to operate as before. This also applies to those involved in the brewing operations and product development.”

Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

4 thoughts on “Les Brasseurs RJ Takes Full Ownership of McAuslan Brewing

  1. So full of crap. Countless times RJ has diluted the beers acquired through new acquisitions to render them bland. Same will happen here. They look for profits mainly and not full customer satisfactions. This is why so many newer and smaller breweries are gaining so much popularity… and market shares.

    1. What an odd thing to say. Don’t you think that customer satisfaction would be one of the main drivers for a profitable company. Your comment reminds me of an old Yogi Berra comment – “No one goes to that restaurant anymore because it’s too crowded”.

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