B.C. Liquor Rules Kill Gluten-Free Maynestream Brewing Before it Opens


DELTA, BCA news post on the website of craft beer advocacy group CAMRA Vancouver reports that plans to open a gluten-free brewery in Delta, BC have been abandoned due to stringent liquor rules in the province that would have made the business financially non-viable.

Maynestream Brewing was a long-planned project from Dennis and Peggy Maynes, who intended to launch with Grand Turk Islander Hard Ginger Beer, followed by various other beers brewed with sorghum, rice and other gluten-free grains and fermentables.

B.C. liquor legislation would have classified all of these products as “coolers” due to the lack of barley malt in the recipes, which would have forced mark-ups of 74% on kegs and 98% on bottles – tax rates that are much higher than standard beers.

The Maynes were informed of this rule by the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch this past summer, and after several months of attempting to negotiate an alternative tax structure for their products, they have decided to scrap their plans entirely, and have put the fully built brewery – including all licenses – up for sale.

For more details, see the original CAMRA Vancouver article.

One thought on “B.C. Liquor Rules Kill Gluten-Free Maynestream Brewing Before it Opens

  1. There is an old beer slogan, “Go for the Gusto, or don’t go at all”.
    Too bad so sad. Gluten-Free isn’t beer at all! If you are going to open a brewery….go for the real thing!

    (Schlitz beer for those too young)

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