Goose Island IPA Coming to Canada


TORONTO, ON – Two years after entering the Canadian market with several brands from its Belgian-inspired Vintage Ales series, Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Co. has announced that one of the beers in its more UK-leaning Classic Ales line is heading north as well.

Goose IPA is a 5.9% abv and 55 IBU ale with the following description:

Launched by Goose Island in 1990, Goose IPA pushed bitterness boundaries at the time by offering beer lovers a fuller flavoured IPA than the traditional English Style it was based on. At first glance, Goose IPA has a brilliant orange blossom and honey colour. With an aroma of floral and perfumey orangey marmalade and a crisp, dry feel, this craft favourite has a toasty malt taste with hints of dried apricot flavours that circles back to a subtle, pleasant bitter finish.

Goose IPA is rolling out in Canada now with brewing and distribution being handled by Labatt Breweries, a sibling company of Goose Island under the AB InBev corporate umbrella. It will be available in all provinces by early May, with format availability (six-packs, 12-packs, draught) and release dates varying by province.

For more details, check with local beer retailers and licensees.

3 thoughts on “Goose Island IPA Coming to Canada

  1. “Importing”?? This is a joke. The six-pack bottles now available at The Beer Store are brewed and filled by Labatt’s in Montreal ! Sort of like how they introduced “mountain brewed” Kokanee into Ontario in the 90s. It was from London! What a joke.

    1. This was my mistake/misinterpretation. Looking back at the promo material that Labatt/Goose Island supplied, I see now that it doesn’t mention it being imported, it was just my assumption that this was the case. I’ll edit the post accordingly.

  2. What a farce ! It’s packaged and sold as a Canadian Craft Beer until you open the case to see it’s a Chicago based beer now made and sold by InBev through their Canadian mass producer’s in London and beyond…. This will be the first and only case I buy – not because of the flavour; but I don’t appreciate the misleading packaging ! BOO INBEV !!!!

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