Townsite Brewing Releases Final Edition of Barrel Aged Cardena Quad

POWELL RIVER, BC – Townsite Brewing has announced a new – and probably last – edition of one of its popular limited edition barrel aged beers.

Barrel Aged Cardena Quad (10.5% abv, 30 IBU) has been released several times before, but as the brewery explains, they aren’t likely to offer it again:

This beer only exists because whiskey barrels need neutralizing before we can put turbid mashes in them (for wild fermentation). These particular barrels, purchased over a year ago, were neutralized by first aging Perfect Storm oatmeal stout and then Cardena Quad in them. They have already been put into turbid mash rotation and we have no plans of acquiring more whiskey barrels. So find this raisiny, oak and bourbon boozy concoction; put it in your cellar, drink it while knitting fireside, share it around the table over the holidays but more importantly, get it while it lasts.

The final edition of Barrel Aged Cardena Quad will go on sale tomorrow (December 13th) at Townsite in a limited run of 500 ml bottles.

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