Beau’s Releases 2018 Edition of Strong Patrick Irish-Style Red Ale

VANKLEEK HILL, ON – Beau’s All Natural Brewing has announced the annual return of a popular offering in its Wild Oats series of limited edition beers, with this year’s edition featuring “an extra-special touch of authenticity” thanks to the use of Irish whiskey casks in the brewing process.

Strong Patrick (6.7% abv, 24 IBU) is a strong red ale that has always had a portion of each batch aged in whiskey barrels, but for the first time this year, Jameson Irish Whiskey casks were used, adding “rich accents of wood and warmth to the classic beer style from the Emerald Isle.” It’s further described as follows:

Strong Patrick was first brewed by Beau’s in 2012 for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and has since become a returning seasonal beer. It is stronger than a typical rendition of an Irish-style red, and is luscious and malty. The ale pours brilliant red with a creamy head. The red hue is a result of the addition of organic roasted barley to the recipe, which also includes Pilgrim hops and Irish ale yeast. Its aroma conjures notes of caramel, whiskey, oak, and malts. It has a malty backbone, with a touch of toasty caramel and vanilla, and a mild bitterness to round and balance. It finishes rich and warm.

Strong Patrick is available now at the Beau’s retail store and delivery service, and select beer retailers in Ontario and Quebec. It will also be released in Manitoba this March, and will be one of the featured beers at the Beau’s St. Patrick’s Party taking place March 10th at Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa.

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