Powell Brewery Releasing Pair of Saisons Tomorrow

VANCOUVER, BC – Powell Brewery has announced that it will be releasing two new limited edition saisons tomorrow (January 19th).

Cascara Saison (6.5% abv, 23 IBU) is a collaboration with Agro Roasters that is described as follows:

Dusty (Agro) and David (Powell) came up with the idea of brewing a non coffee, coffee beer. In order to achieve this, they decided to use Cascara (Dried Coffee Cherries) which lends flavours of tea, dried plum, cherry, and tamarind.

Flower Shop Saison (5.3% abv, 10 IBU) is an extremely limited release with the following notes:

A blend of a Table Saison brewed with Chamomile and a Super Saison come together to form a unique and complex ale. The Table Saison contributes pleasant floral and spicy qualities with hints of crisp apple and ripe pear from the Chamomile. The Super Saison contributes aromas and flavours of honey, mature pear, ginger, spice, and subtle clove.

Both beers will be available in 650 ml bottles at the Powell tasting room and retail store while supplies last.

[Photos from Powell Brewery email newsletter]

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