Bellwoods Brewery Brings Back Brettal Head Foeder Aged Pale Ale

TORONTO, ON – Bellwoods Brewery has announced the return of an “old, oft requested brett-focused beer.”

Brettal Head (6.4% abv) is a “unique, intensely fruity style of Foeder Aged Pale Ale” described as follows”

To create it we take fully fermented, massively dry-hopped pale ale, and then referment it in oak foeders to add layers of complex brett character, light acidity, intense hop aromatics, and expressive fruit flavour. Much of what makes this beer unique is that we dry-hop prior to oak aging, and then the interplay of the hops and brettanomyces creates super fruity, long-lasting aromatics. And even though we can’t quite decide if it’s giving more mango vibes than peach, or more pineapple than apricot, we’re all in agreement that it’s a quick ticket to Yumtown.

Brettal Head is available now at both Bellwoods retail stores and the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photo: Bellwoods Brewery mailing list

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