33 Acres Brewing Releases Brett’s In The Mail Saison

VANCOUVER, BC – 33 Acres Brewing has announced the release of a pair of saisons brewed as a long-distance collaboration with Denver’s Our Mutual Friend Brewing.

Brett’s in the Mail: Our Mutual Friend Version (6.3% abv) and Brett’s in the Mail: 33 Acres Version (6.5% abv):

33 Acres and Our Mutual Friend sought to solve the international isolation issue utilizing the postal service and mailing the other brewery their favourite house saison culture. Here at 33, we made two versions; one using local malt and hops with OMF Brettanomyces and one with our house culture.

Separated by terroir, time and international borders, two saison-minded breweries can’t help but collaborate on something lovely. Brewing from a common recipe with malt and hops sourced regionally, OMF and 33 highlight the best agricultural ingredients grown nearest to each brewery.

Both versions are Brett’s in the Mail are available as a mixed 4-pack at the 33 Acres retail store and online shop, and select local private beer retailers.

Source & Photo: 33 Acres Brewing

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